System Defend Antivirus 2010 3.0

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System Defend Antivirus 2010 3.0

antivirus virus System Defend Antivirus 2010 v3.0search for and remove viruses automatically,protect your computer. With antivirus virus effective. With Techno Allah technology to form new viruses. Find and read the file to check the Code of viruses, virus behavior analysis. Working model of the virus. And the spread of the virus. To stop the virus by running System Defend Antivirus programs search form virus 1. Search the computer virus (Scan All Drives) and portable storage device. 2. Stop the work of the virus (Virsu Kill Process, Stop Virus Process) 3.• Repair Windows File System (Repair Windows System Files) restore Windows files that are deleted virus (Recovery Windows System Files and Booting Files) to repair damaged files (. Repair Error Files) clean CAT Series G Series (Clean Registry) 4. Find the latest virus found again. To determine thevirus,
System Defend Antivirus 2010 to protect the file system of Windows. Prevent damage. Although the virus is removed. Or from users. Windows system files were deleted. Recovery will be returned automatically. Make Windows stable


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